“Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment, full effort is full victory.”- Gandhi

I finished my applications on Thanksgiving. I think (hope) that I applied to a few too many, but I am a pessimist. I feel rejections/waitlists coming, and my fingers are crossed for at least a couple acceptances. I like Gandhi’s quote, and I hope that I can keep it in mind next March/April. I worked so hard on college applications, SATs, grades, essays, the whole process, that the results of my applications should not be in the attainment of an acceptance, but rather in my effort.

But that is a bit idealistic. I would be crushed if I was rejected/waitlisted by all of the colleges, and the peace of mind I have now, I hope to have a bit of next spring.

In other matters of life, I am back to normalcy. I can focus on being a good family member and a good friend. I’ve abandoned all organization for the past few weeks – detrimental to both myself and my family. I’m making quite an effort to be less grumpy, more organized, and less stressed! Christmas is fast approaching (our tree is up!) and I realize how much my family means to me. Sometimes, I unconciously disrespect them, and I think this season is really when I remember how much I appreciate them.

Coming soon: book review, Quicksilver; book review, The Bretheren; baking, Christmas cookies