Am I Done Yet? Please?

Every Friday for the past three weeks, I think, this is the weekend. THE one. Where I get my original twelve applications finished and in through the common application. Yet, each time, though I do make progress, I can never live up to my goal. I submitted three applications today and yesterday – but I had fully planned on four. I rewrote and rewrote the supplement for one college until I realized I really don’t want to go there. I mean, I have my dream schools. I know I love them. I see myself on those campuses. I love the students, I love the location. I love the weather, and I love the classes. I have no doubt in my mind I would choose either of them over Harvard or Cambridge (I’m not applying to them, though). But, this one small LAC should appeal to me. It’s small, rural, and in New England. The campus is beautiful. But I have an odd inkling that I wouldn’t go there, even if I had to decide between it and the local university. So, interview to boot, I’m not applying.

I guess, in that sense, I’m finished with the original twelve, with one subtracted (or at least for now). And I’ve been accepted to BigStateU, so I’m definitely GOING to college next year, the question just remains where. I still have two LAC that I added to my list. They are last minute because a friend I met at college this summer influenced me. I love Quaker values, and the academic intensity at these schools. I still have to send my apps to these schools, but over Thanksgiving. So 12/14 schools applied to, 1 more to add.

It’s finally hitting me that the college app process is almost over. No matter what I do now, I’m practically finished and I just have to wait as they judge me. My fingers are crossed, but I’m a pessimist at heart. I expect, for the most part, rejections. I hate to say, but I need to fall out of love with a couple schools. I’ve had my heart set on them, but I’ve little chance. Now, I just need to be at peace with my applications: I’ve showed who I am, even if my heart showed a bit too much. Hey, at least the SATs are over with! And it’s almost Christmas. College applications are not as much work as people say – they just take thought.


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