Sigh of Relief with the First Snow

Apparently, yesterday was the first snow. I did not see any accumulation, but I did notice a few tiny snowflakes at lunch.  I love snow, and yesterday made me think about how November, December, and January are undoubtedly the best months of the year. I’m so excited for Christmas this year because I have associated it with the end of college applications.

Speaking of college applications, I turned in my most important application last night. I have wanted to attend this school since my sophomore year, so I literally hovered my mouse above the submit button for three minutes. And then, the silly common application pops up a new screen, “are you positive you want to submit this application?” So I have to press submit again. I currently have turned in 6 applications – and I plan on turning in (ideally) 4 more this weekend. At that point, I’m hoping in general, life will be a bit more relaxed because that leaves only a couple colleges left (either 2 or 4, I’m a bit hesitant with a two LAC.) I can see the end in sight. Admission is another problem all together. I’m pretty pessimistic about my chances, since these colleges are ridiculously difficult to get into. No matter how high my SAT score is, my GPA, how good my essays are, many of these colleges are “luck of the draw” colleges, i.e. what time of day did the adcom pick up your file and is s/he in a good mood. Obviously, you have to be qualified (which I think I am…) but so many people apply to colleges now that the competition is high. Even ten years ago, the acceptance rate at my favorite school was 30%, and now it is 20%.

There was something else I was going to say, but now I’ve forgotten. Anyway, Keith Olbermann was suspended from MSNBC. I never watched his show, because I think it can be inflammatory. Senator Bernie Sander (I, VT) is calling for reinstatement because of free speech rights. But I have to agree with MSNBC – Olbermann violated his contract in donating to politicians. MSNBC requires employees check with them before making political donations. Not only did Olbermann not do that, he also donated to politicians who were not in his area, or had just appeared on the show. Because Olbermann violated his contract, MSNBC had every right to suspend him. I suspect he will be back by the end of next week, but I’m happy with their actions. I don’t want MSNBC to continue on the path of becoming the Fox News for the left. On Fox News, Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity outright ask for donations for Republican candidates on air, and they have Republican candidates on their payroll. I think this issue is pretty clear – there was a violation of contract. Liberals avoiding this fact are being hypocritical.


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