Submitting Applications

I just submitted two applications. I’m very confident about my essay, and I read my application over probably twenty times. Still, I’m nervous about what I wrote. I, of course, had to read it again AFTER I pressed “Send.” I found a mistake. Not an egregious mistake, and college admissions officers probably won’t even notice. I accidentally put “schoolyear” instead of “school year.”

Sigh. Three applications down – Big State U, Ivy League 1, LAC. I find it amusing that the three I’ve submitted are all SO different. Well, the Ivy is practically a LAC, so I guess just the first. Still have ten or eleven left. Now, I’m going to go write that supplement for my FAVORITE LAC.

College applications are so much work!


2 thoughts on “Submitting Applications

  1. I just submitted two applications too!
    One to the Ivy League one, and the other to an LAC.
    I feel like I’ve earned the right to not work on other supplements for a little while. You clearly don’t feel the same way. 😛

  2. Yay! I’m actually really surprised, since you’re usually a procrastinator. I do believe you have earned the right to relax – but are you not only applying to six schools? So technically, you are 1/3 done?

    Well, the Ivy I submitted to is not the one with the Nov. 1 deadline. So, I sort of have to submit that one soon. And I have a professor recommendation at another LAC, so I need to submit that so she can send my rec into the admissions office. I just want to get all my applications in before Thanksgiving.

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