The Joy of Editing

Tonight, I looked at my planner and I realized that I only had a take-home Calculus exam. So, after a good hour of relaxing (I used the time to catch up on last week’s 30 Rock and to call my Senator regarding Fair Elections Now Act) I shuffled to my computer to write my Common Application essay – edit number 9. Though most applications are not due until January 1st or January 15th, I am applying to a school Single Choice Early Action, so all my materials need to be in by November 1st.

I think, for me, what helps the most in editing and rewriting is physically, handwriting the entire paper again, with the changes. That way, I see the flow and am more concious of word choice. I’ve probably already spent 16 hours on ONE essay. I’m determined to make it the best I can. I have been so aggravated – I literally yelled at my parents in an editing session last weekend (not a smart move).

But after editing today, I had such an amazing satisfaction finishing the most recent draft. Knowing that I have crafted each sentence and analyzed its structure really gives a satisfaction that doesn’t come from writing a forty minute DBQ. And now come all the supplementals (as well as about four more edits of this draft…)


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