To an extent… I’m finally a senior, and I’m terribly excited about college next year. I’m so ready to start. I took a course at a college this summer, stayed in the dorms, lived a “college lifestyle.” I LOVED it so much! Anyway, I guess this is the time that everyone stresses out about – applying to colleges. Right now, I have ten definite colleges I’m applying to on the common app, and the state flagship (not on common app). What, you say? Ten colleges? Well, most of them are “reaches” or “likelies,” but their acceptance rates are pretty low, so I want to maximize my chances. If I’m lucky, I’ll be accepted at a couple of my top choices. I’m plogging through my applications, and making sure that I’m applying to the right places. Some days, I’m on top of the world. I think I’ll be accepted to at least half. Then, on other days, I look at my list and think “I’m going to be rejected EVERYWHERE!”

I wish we learned sooner. I mean, I’m going to turn my applications in in November, but I won’t learn (except for StateU) until MARCH or APRIL! I’ve been placating my nervousness with work – I figure I need to make my app essays the best possible. I found two sites that have great reviews of colleges Unigo and this blog.

To stray away from college applications, I am a senior in high school and my schedule rocks! I have Ind. Study, AP English, AP Art History, and AP Calculus this semester. I love Calculus, because it’s easy and fun to solve the problems. Art History is the most work, surprisingly, but it’s fascinating to see how man’s point of view changed throughout history. How we changed from composite to optical views, and how perceptions of what art is changed (art is NOT everything). I also have senior lunch, so I come home everyday.

Oh, and I love the tv show The West Wing. I’m sad that it’s over, but I have a ton of episodes to watch. I also have begun to read my Dad’s subscription to The Economist, and I love that it’s a smart magazine without photos on every page, like Time and Newsweek.