This book is one of the best books I have read in a long time. I had been trying to get ahold of this book for a long time – I had heard the buzz when it was released. But I just read it this week, and honestly, I’m glad I waited. Because if I had read it when it was released, the wait for the sequel would terrible.

The description from Amazon, which doesn’t do The Explosionist any justice:

A series of mysteries.

An explosion of truths.

The Explosionist: Someone sets off a bomb outside fifteen-year-old Sophie’s boarding school, but no one can figure out who.

The Medium: Soothsayers and séance leaders are regular guests at her great-aunt’s house in Scotland, but only one delivers a terrifying prophecy, directed at Sophie herself.

The Murder: When the medium is found dead, Sophie and her friend Mikael know they must get to the bottom of these three mysteries in order to save themselves—even as the fate of all Europe hangs in the balance.

Set in a time of subversive politics, homegrown terrorism, and rapidly changing alliances, The Explosionist is an extraordinarily accomplished debut novel for teens that delivers a glimpse of the world as it might have been—had one moment in history been altered.

Alarmingly similar to modern day technology and politics, the setting of the The Explosionist will haunt you. Honestly, I did not have time to read this book. I’m leaving for three weeks, and I should have been packing. But just like Interface, this book can’t be stopped half way through. I need the sequel NOW, and since it comes out around my birthday, it will be number one on my wishlist. I highly recommend The Explosionist. If you read nothing else this summer, just read this one book.