Why? Honestly, Kutner was tied for favorite character on House, M.D. Between studying for AP tests, I made banana bread (fail) and watched an episode of house. The one where Kutner killed himself. The writers of the show had to write him off, because he was taking a job in the White House. But, kill himself? That just contradicts every aspect of Kutner. He is the guy I would want to date in college – reasonably “jocky” for a nerd, insanely knowledgable in fantasy, loves Discovery and National Geographic, basically that fun nerdy kid grown up. He would not have killed himself. The writers should have had Kutner move away – THAT would have made sense. In my head, Kutner is off working at some hospital in Massachusetts or Connecticut or New York, just not Princeton Plainsboro anymore.

Lawrence Kutner

Cute smile, lab coat, jeans, and the knowledge that he's about to say something clever, esoteric, adorable, and nerdy

Favorite Kutner Quote:

“I agree with Wilson, this guy is Harry Potter. The sorting Hat was gonna put Harry in Slytherin, based on his nature he refused, so he ended up in Gryffindor. Through choice.”