Ahh… November. My favorite month. I love it because it is my birthday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas preparations. This month is a bit crazy but I’m still in the holiday spirit. SATs, independent study draft due, APUSH, AP Chem… but I’m loving it! Oh, and I need to get my temps sometime. I don’t know why I keep putting that off…

So today I raked for a bit. At the end, the sun was shining brightly on all the leaves. I remembered hiding in the leaves as a kid. So I just stood with my back to the leaves and let myself fall. I didn’t remember how wet leaves can be. It was a bit icky.

I love Christmas. I’m in such a Christmasey mood. I’ve already planned my make present for all my friends and made a shopping list for it. It’s going to take all of November! (I’d say what it is but a certain someone reads this blog, and she or he is a recipient of the present.)