Um, hello. Well. Life has been insane. My Papa was really ill since early September, and he passed away a week ago. I never, ever realized how much I loved him or how much he did in my life. I’ll really miss him. And my mom was in the hospital… she’s fine, but, even though it was three weeks ago, she still isn’t all the way better. Because of all this, I put myself on a back burner of sorts, which wasn’t at all good for my health.

But this long, three day weekend I recouperated, and even read three books. I read Exclusively Chloe and Dear Julia, both of which are undeniably cotton candy chic lit.

I also love to cook and bake. It really helps me emotionally. It’s my Dad’s birthday soon, and I’m making him splenda recipe Pumpkin pie. Yum.

Well, I need to work on AP Chem (I never, EVER thought I would take that class. But I adore it and it is my favorite of the whole day.)