I love to bake, and when things get absolutely crazy, baking calms me down. So, last night I bought a book called 500 Cupcakes: the only cupcake compendium you’ll ever need. There were some bad reviews, but my cupcakes came out really, really well. This morning I decided to make half a dozen “applesauce & cinnamon cupcakes.” They were more muffinish cupcakes than cupcakes, but they still were amazing.

Since I’m trying to be healthy, I substituted smart balance for butter, splenda for sugar, and halved the walnuts. The recipe actually called for pecans, but we did not have them. Next time, I definitely would want to add more splenda. They were not sweet enough for me, which made them more like muffins.

In general, the book is really sweet. The title is somewhat misleading; there are far less than 500 original recipes. Each recipe has 3 variations that I could have thought of myself.

Each cupcake is 130 calories. I should have made them smaller, since in the oven, they almost went over the edge of the cupcake baking cups. Next time, I’ll make 8 probably.