Wow. I never thought I’d go almost two months without posting. Summer has been completely amazing and satisfying. I had surgery and my wisdom teeth out, but surprisingly, having my wisdom teeth out was far more awful. I had them out Monday and I still can’t eat hard foods. Ice cream and mashed potatoes fulfill my entire diet at the moment. The medicine they gave me made me feel out of it for three days, but now I’m fine. I’ve also studied for the SAT, studied for the PSAT (which is harder for me… confusing, right?), looked into colleges, gone to a summer institute, researched at the historical society, done my summer reading and logs, and half a book in French. Whew. I would have gotten a job but I was going to be out for four weeks of the summer (second institute week got cancelled).

I think I should blog a bit more. Today was an extremely exciting day for me. I met with the state representative at our local library for a sort of “town hall.” About seven people showed up. I realized two things: government really is not made up of the token issues people scream about, i.e. abortion and global warming, and I both liked Republicans more and Republicans less. The second part sounds very odd, because that sounds impossible. I really enjoyed seeing a Republican who wasn’t folksy and talking down to the people like Sarah Palin, who didn’t scream about America being a Christian nation, and who wasn’t afraid to insult Rush Limbaugh. She didn’t insult Rush Limbaugh, but I’m pretty sure she doesn’t listen to him either. Local Republicans seem about a five worlds apart from the ones in Washington. I think that is due to political strategy. I also liked Republicans less in that she made me realize why I am dead set on a few of my opinions. I disagreed with her about mandates on small businesses – and I don’t think that I’ll change my opinion about that anytime soon. I got annoyed frankly, with her talking in circles, but then I became annoyed with myself for being annoyed, ironically. I don’t know everything, and I hate those moments where I think my opinion is absolutely better than other people’s (I mean, other than opinions on racism.) I don’t even think that consciously and don’t believe it. Sometimes, in a conversation, one gets so enthused that they can’t see the other side as clearly as they did before. That didn’t happen today, but I didn’t appreciate her opinion enough.

Also, my independent study is simply flourishing. I love researching, and with it going well, and my interest in government blossoming, I know that I have picked the right career path out. Today was an extremely successful day of research, even though I didn’t accomplish the most that I have. It’s simply the fact that I had a real breakthrough and saw my project well for the first time. I can’t wait to continue.

I’m visiting colleges this fall, I think. It’s a bit nerve-wracking, really, because I don’t know if I’m aiming too high. The only statistics I have are SATs. I should probably practice those SAT words now…