Way back in April, Ink Mage awarded me this (Thanks!). I never got around to passing it to my favorite blogs, so I thought I’d do it now.

1. Spider’s Web – Uh…. what can I say? Spider is my friend, and she helps me through everything. She is always snarky about school, standardized testing, and gooey stuff. She makes me laugh at myself, too.

2. The Holly and the Ivy – I love cuileann’s poetry and enjoy her cupcakes. They look delicious and make my stomach rumble whenever I go.

3. Uh… more to come soon?!?! I haven’t been reading many blogs lately, because I have been crazily busy, but I’m slowly and steadily adding them on.

Oh. Edith Gelles sort of got a website. It is http://www.stanford.edu/~gelles/
Hope that it is updated sometime….