Took AP Stats. Was initially ecstatic because I thought I did really, really well. Guessed on one multiple choice (later learned I got wrong), left one blank, and felt good about the other 38. Probably got a few of those wrong. Did the FRQs. They were a piece of cake. Did the extended response thingy/ #6. Thought it was easy, but weird. And then looked over everything. Realized after turning it in that I made a silly, 6th grade math calculation mistake on one. Still, I’ll get partial credit. I feel about 90% positive that I got a 5 on it. I feel 100% confident that I got a 4/4 on 3 FRQs. So yeah. I’m happy, I think. I can’t believe I have to wait until July to figure out what I got.

Ugh. That’s a really long time from now.

And it’s the third week in July.

Another Ugh.


I think I got a 5.