Hi. Just in case you’ve all forgotten, I’m Felicity. I haven’t posted for a ridiculous amount of time. I wish I had some fabulous excuse, but I don’t. I’ve become more interested in politics and have been following the new administration’s policies somewhat obsessively (I was so happy that Obama is in support of decreasing nuclear supply – I’m all for Global Zero).

Another, slightly embarrassing reason for my absence is that I really enjoy a TV show. I’ve never watched or followed a TV show before, and I guess I got a bit carried away. House, MD is addicting, and lately, I’ve used my very little free time to watch it instead of reading books and posting to this blog.

AP Euro is getting really intense, and I started studying for the exam about a month ago. I’m to about 1850, so now I only need to review to 1930, since we’re learning the Cold War, existentialism, feminism, etc. now. I really have begun to adore AP Euro. Who would have thought that I would be sad to be leaving european history for American? Not me, not even a month ago. So AP Euro is definitely a HUGE reason that I have not been online much – I really, really want to get a 5 on the exam. AP Stats is still really easy. I just took my seminar final exam, and although I don’t know my final score, I got a 3 overall without the free response. So that’s happy making, since I don’t have as much time to study for statistics.

I promise I’ll post more often, especially more after May 8th, second and last AP exam of the year!