Hmm… I’d give it an 8/10. The book was much, much better. Helen Mirren was Elinor, but her role was too small. I really enjoyed the first half of the movie, but the middle was bad and the end was a bit lacking. Brendan Fraser did a fine job, but I just can’t see him as Mo. The plot deviated from the book, and I missed Elinor and Meggie staying in the hotel. It is worth seeing, but don’t expect the magic of the book.

I got my Physics results back – one final exam passed (and with an A, what a pleasant surprise! The conclusion was confusing to me, I did not know what to write.) ! I was really happy about that since Physics was a bit challenging. I ended up loving it, and I think that I am taking AP Physics B next year. So… I still have to get back AP Stats and French 4. Neither were tear-inducing, so I think I’ll get A’s or at least a B, B+.

I started Honors Chemistry, Gym, and English. Honors Chemistry should be fun, if not a bit difficult. Still, I have Honors Physics over with and I’ve heard it’s harder.

I should be sending letters out this weekend!