Letter 1

I’m writing Edith B. Gelles, who wrote the best biography of Abigail Adams that I have ever read. I wrote it over break, but have yet to type it up on my computer. Basically, I’m asking her a few questions about Abigail and thanking her for respecting popular history. I read her review of David McCullough’s popular history book John Adams and she truly understood the need for academic as well as popular history. That says so much since I read both academic and popular history. I hate the snobbery of some academic historians. Sure, you are so thoughtful and insightful, write with huge words, and analyze the story. But… not everyone has the concentration to read those books. I love them, but I’m not going to look down at people for not reading them. That’s ridiculous. I look at Edith B. Gelles, an academic historian, and her respect of all types of books, and I wish that all people could be like that.

Letter 2

I’ve just barely started this one – it’s to Doris Kearns Goodwin. It is a bit different, since I haven’t fully read any of her books. I really look up to her because she does two jobs that I’d love, and well, too. She’s a political analyst for NBC (or is it MSNBC? I don’t really know the difference.) and she’s a popular historian. More on this later…