My life’s been crazy to say the least. This weekend was my second ever Model UN conference. I did alright… I was the leading partner, so I basically had to do ALL the speaking. I almost cried on the way home. I was so upset because I could have done better. Everything depended on this conference. Last year, I was a freshman, so I couldn’t get to the huge four day conference. Now, I’m a sophomore and I’m eligible. To get to the Huge con., one had to get scores of 7 for session 1, 7 for session 2, and 7 for session 3. I got 7, 6, and 6. I was so close… I’m very sad. If I had gotten more sleep the night before sessions 2 and 3, I could have snagged that extra point. Still, I’m proud that I got 19 total points. I guess I’ll do better next year….

AP Euro and Physics to do… I’m getting better at Physics. AND I got an A in AP Euro. Not a B that transfers to an A, but an actual, real A that is a 5.0. That makes me happier.

Off to study the French Rev… actually quite enjoyable. Better than religious wars…