Seeing as I have no homework basically, I decided to continue my earlier post. Today is John Adams birthday! He was born in 1735, so he’d be 273 years old! Wow. I’m actually doing something related to him today- I’m dressing up as Abigail Adams! I think their love story is the best of them all because it is so real. I love reading their letters, and now I don’t have to read them online! I got volumes one and two of the Adams Family Papers online for $30. They usually go for about one to two hundred, so that has really made my month.

More on David McCullough now- It. Was. Phenonmenal. Exhausting. Invigorating. I can think of so many adjectives. Plus, I asked him a question! I was the first one to come to the microphone, and I was terrified. I talked to fast at first, and he couldn’t tell what I said. I said, “Thank you Mr. McCullough. I’m a high school student and I love history. What’s your advice to young people who want to become historians?” I didn’t know that we were supposed to stay at the microphone, so I went to the side, but he remembered later who I was. He had such helpful and real advice, not just get good grades in college, etc. He told me about being passionate about my subject, and finding a grad school where I can study what I want (which happens to be colonial/revolutionary/women’s history).

More later- I have to go dress up!