I’ve barely posted in these last couple weeks, and I don’t have a feeling that the trend will change. I’m really busy with school, yet not stressed out. I’ve finally found the right balance of studying- I think. Last year I studied too much, and this year I’m going to need to study more, but not over-study like freshman year. I just have so much more material to learn since all my classes are difficult. I’m taking French, Math, History, Art, and Physics. I enjoy all of them, but don’t really have free time.

French 4 – It’s a really fabulous class even though I’m not too great at speaking. At first I was nervous, but now I’ve got the hang of it. I LOVE doing our French news articles- so fun.

AP Stats- Surprisingly easy. It’s easier than my HIAG3 class by far. I’ve aced the first two examinations without too much study. It’s also fun, not too much to memorize, more about skills.

AP Euro – It’s so much work, but so much fun! I bet you can imagine me in this class. I absolutely adore it and revel in the textbook. I’ve already added a few amazing people to the ranks of Abigail Adams- one of whom is the daring Christine de Pizan! The City of the Ladies is so modern, so revolutionary.

Drawing and Design – It’s very relaxing because I release stress when I draw. I also think that I’m getting better.

Honors Physics – This might be my hardest class. I understand most of it, but my friend often has to help me. If I get a B, it’ll most likely be in this class. I want to understand it so much, and it’s actually quite fun. So, I’d better crack the books open before I relax too much!