Recently, I traveled a bit and went to a Civil War reenactment. It was so amazing- I actually felt out of place in my normal clothes.

There were so many people there. It reminded me of Annie, Between the States and Gone with the Wind of course. They had houses of people acting and you could have conversations. I really enjoyed one of the school houses, which had a realistic school marm. She was a great actress and you could sense the “fear” of the confederates in her town.

We then went to a yellow merchant’s house and they told us to get ready to crawl into the cellar, since the Confederates had moved out of town to a nearby field, obviously waiting for battle. They were baking tomatoes fresh from the garden and making onion soup! The houses were very old, and all the furniture was actually from the time or made to look like it so we could sit. Even the kids wore nineteenth century clothing- it was rather amusing to see a two year old boy walking around in a dress!

Then came the skirmish. Some Union soldiers snuck into the town center to “free” the citizens. It was so dramatic, especially since we were so close. A confederate soldier guarding the church died, and that was the start of the fighting. He fell so well, I could barely tell that he was acting. I really was moved by the skirmish, since it looked and sounded like war. I finally know what canon and muskett powder smells like, and it’s not pleasant! A photographer like Matthew Brady stood on the edge.

We ran to the field after the confederates had backed away, and it was exactly like you see in movies. At first, there were only two lines of soldiers that fired, but more soon came. I’d say that Union had between 100-200 and the confederates 150-250 people. The Union won the battle, which I thought was a bit cliche. Still, it was unnerving to see all of the soldiers stand up.

We also watched a surgeon “amputate” a leg and move a displaced hip. That was semi-gross, since they had fake blood.

These pictures are not mine… but show what I saw! I might be able to post more later.

A dress like ones that I saw

A dress like ones that I saw