A cute stack of audiobooks!

A cute stack of "audiobooks"!

Sorry for the lack of posts- more WILL be coming!

I was browsing the history audiobook section of iTunes, and clicked on the top 100. I was disappointed and slightly disgusted to see that most were abridged or, well, not accurate history. I am repulsed at abridged versions because you’re not really reading what the author intended. The author usually did not have a role in the process of abridging, so the message of the book can be slanted. Still, I was a bit turned off by my own reaction to audiobooks. Need I be that harsh? Was I over-reacting or simply be loyal to the author? I know that I can often be quite innerly snobby about books, and I wanted some opinions.
1. Do you listen to audiobooks?

2. Do you listen to abridged audiobooks? Why or why not?
If yes to 2,
A. Why do you listen to abridged books? For time…?
B. Have you ever read the full book after listening to the abridged?

3. What is your opinion of abridged books?