Back to Poetry Friday! This is an untitled poem by Mercy Otis Warren. I made my most favorite phrases bold. They show Mercy’s heart after losing three sons.
While life’s encumber’d stage I tread
And walk amid this busy scene,
Whilst here th’immortal soul resides
To animate this frail machine

Let not the worthless joys of time
Or empty cares engross my heart,
Nor let a low or sordid wish
E’er once debase my nobler part.

What though ensnaring pleasures oft,
With bold temptations clog my way,
And life’s allurements beck’ning stand
To lead th’unwary heart astray;

Yet may I walk serene and calm
And from earth’s mazy cares arise,
And look with cold indifference down
On every thing beneath the skies!

But not neglect the smallest part
Of social duty while I stay
Let charity in every branch
With fervent friendship mark my way.

In the midst of death’s relentless power,
I yet among the living stand