David McCullough ( I know, again…) had a great commencement speech at Boston College this spring. There are so many great passages, but this particularly rings true.

If information were learning, you could memorize the World Almanac and call yourself
educated. If you memorized the World Almanac, you wouldn’t be educated. You’d be weird.

Learning is not to be found on a printout. It’s not on call at the touch of the finger. Learning is acquired mainly from books, and most readily from great books. And from teachers, and the more learned and empathetic the better. And from work, concentrated work.

Abigail Adams put it perfectly more than 200 years ago: “Learning is not attained by
chance. It must be sought with ardor and attended with diligence.” Ardor, to my mind, is the key word.

Read the rest of the inspiring address here.