Well, I’ve been gone for quite a bit, haven’t I? Sorry about that- life’s been a little crazy here. What with summer courses, summer reading, and unexpected doctors visits, I completely forgot to blog. I will, though. I need to catch up on a few of my personal summer goals (write three favorite authors- snail mail) and then I should have a plethora of reviews.

My Borders is having a summer book sale, and I managed to snatch quite a few treasures.

I got…

Truman by David McCullough

The Path Between the Seas by David McCullough

Five Sisters by James Fox

The Verneys by ?

Reading the Man by ?

I was ecstatic about finding the two books by McCullough- he is my all time favorite author. And each of them were paperbacks, good condition, for 3.99! I’m excited about the biography of Robert E. Lee called Reading the Man.

Anyways, I got these books for about $20, which is very exciting. I added them up, and they would be about 120 without tax. History books are expensive.

I need to get back to my letter to Mr. McCullough! I need to shave about 200 words off it. I tend to be prolific in my letters.