Hattie travels to Montana to take up a claim on her Uncle’s land. Her parents died soon after she was born and she has lived with her rich, strict Iowa relatives for most of her life. After she gets a letter notifying her of her of her inheritence, she decides to claim it.

In Montana, Hattie learns about frigid winters, sudden springs, and blistering summers. She also learns of the effects of the world war going on- her dear friends are humiliated because they are German. She must choose between and slippery and handsome beau who offers her a life of ease and a hard, possibly devastating life on a claim with good friends. After their barn burns down, Hattie finally comes to a decision. She knows that she might regret it….

I really enjoyed this book. I’m a huge fan of historical fiction, and I don’t know anything about claims past 1900. Hattie Big Sky eradicated all my notions of claims- I thought that mostly older men took claims.

The writing is superb and I reveled over single sentences. I can’t wait to read more by Kirby Larson- she’s fantastic. I hope that there’s some kind of sequel. The end leaves me longing for more.

(Sorry for the short review- I’m busy doing schoolwork)