Would you rather know what’s going to happen or not know?

Would You starts with one brilliant question and one wandering teen, Natalie. She doesn’t know where she is at the moment, and she’s okay with that. She pool-hops with her friends and wishes she was her older, beautiful sister Claire. Suddenly, everything changes.

Claire is in an accident, and is in a coma. There’s nothing Natalie can do and she doesn’t even know what happened.

It’s hard to write a summary for this book. It’s absolutely wonderful, and tear-jerking, but you have to read it. Little less than 200 pages doesn’t even cover a week. It’s so raw, so heartfelt. I think that it represents what an average teen would feel in that situation.

I did have a few tiffs, but I can’t quite remember what they were. It’s still close to chick-lit, but perhaps that’s just the impression that I got from the cover. I’m not sure.

After a girl in our town was in a similar situation (much younger, though), the book was only more painfully realistic. I recommend this book, but read it with caution. It’s no Bridge to Terabithia.