I have a new segment, similar to poetry Friday. I will be posting my thoughts on history, videos relating to history, and other stuff relating to history.

For the first history Thursday (it’s either on Tuesday or Thursday- once a week), I have a video to present. It is one of my favorite scenes from the HBO mini-series John Adams. Nearly all the quotes are real as far as my research tells.

Did you know that John Adams died with over one hundred thousand dollars? Not that interesting. Thomas Jefferson died in almost one hundred thousand dollars of debt. Wow. That fact always astounds me and makes me realize why I admire John Adams so much. He was frugal and honest, unlike Jefferson. That’s what his political flaw was, honesty. John Adams was too honest to be a diplomat, and I think his presidency, for his circumstances, was brilliant. He saved America from a war that might have killed her.

So…. are you all okay with my new feature?