Quick review today since I’m in the middle of working on my history class.

Becca Syng has changed classes- from merchant’s daughter to poor farmer’s daughter. Now, during the revolutionary war, Becca’s mother is trying to stay neutral, just like the Shippens. Her mother believes that Becca needs finishing, just as she would if she were rich, so she sends Becca to work as Peggy Shippen’s maid.

Soon, Becca becomes spoiled Peggy’s confidante. Peggy tells Becca everything- from her bratty desires to her loyalty to the crown. Peggy coerces Becca to help her with her suitor Andre, and then Benedict Arnold.

This is not Ann Rinaldi’s best historical fiction, though enjoyable. After becoming a history buff, my rereading was much more entertaining than the first time. I enjoyed the brief romance and the characters were all written very well, especially Peggy. I couldn’t understand her actions, but I do feel like she was accurately portrayed.

For readers who don’t love history, I must wonder if they could even get through it. It was a bit slow and excessive in scenes between Peggy and Becca. Because it took me so long to read it (two weeks), I forgot some scenes. Some scenes could have been fleshed out. Some important ones were short, while less important ones were tedious.

I also feel that Rinaldi wasn’t at her best writing standard. She’s been better-much better- especially in Or Give Me Death. She’s definitely gotten better. I look forward to more of her historical fiction.