Miranda has a very busy life. She’s finishing up her sophomore year of high school and hopes to get back to semi-professional ice skating in the summer. Her teachers keep talking about a meteor hitting the moon, but she hardly thinks of it. Meteors hit the moon all the time, so this must be just another assignment to add to the mounting stress.

The meteor hits, and for a bit, everything is okay. Miranda returns to school, as normal, and the teachers talk about the meteor. On Friday, a terrifying storm hits their Pennsylvanian town and Miranda’s mom takes her out of school. They go to the grocery store, grabbing all the food that they can get. They fill carts and carts with vitamens, bread, soup, crackers, Advil, and almost everything that her Mom can think of.

Miranda learns that the moon was pushed off its axis, changing the tides and a plethora of disasters. Tsunamis kill millions, along with volcano eruptions and hurricanes. The United States government is basically dissapated. Miranda and her family face a winter without heat. Soon, they begin to prepare for one survivor in the family… if that.

This is a stunning, captivating, terrifying book. I want to make sure that my family has tons of food in the house just in case. This book puts life into perspective. I want this, I want that… Miranda needs food. I think this is a memorable and perceptive diary of a teenager in the face of a disaster. She misses her old life, but learns that to survive, she must sacrifice almost everything.

I simply can’t wait to read the sequel The Dead and the Gone. I want to rush out to the bookstore now, but of course I can’t.  Life As We Knew It is highly recommended and I seriously had few if any cons about the book.