Two girls at Valley Regional High slip by the notice of most students. Meghan Ball, obese, blends into the walls and knows about everyone. People are not afraid to talk in front of her, and they never suspect that there is a person living inside Meghan’s enormous frame. Of course, there are the boys who make fun of “butter ball”, but as soon as they stop, they forget about her presence. Meghan is invisible.

Aimee is a shy freshman who is a brilliant poet. She joins the literary magazine in hopes of being heard. Her poems capture Meghan, as well as her mom’s ex-boyfriend, who recently left. He was Aimee’s support- a proffessor of poetry who encouraged her. Now that he’s gone, she’s become more peculiar with her eating habits and more reclusive with her poetry. Her mother, constantly working, rarely has time for Aimee. Her mother does notice that Aimee limits what she eats to an extreme. Aimee backs this up saying that she has food allergies. Soon, Aimee is hardly eating even her sugar-free jello and carrot sticks.

Meghan and Aimee meet up in the nurse’s office, hoping to find relief. Meghan is sure that Aimee would just be her friend if Aimee knew Meghan. Aimee scorns Meghan at first, but a betrayal brings them together.

I loved this book. The writing was beautiful, and George explained high school like it really is. I loved that not a single character was flawless, and their flaws were real. I felt like I knew the characters very well. Aimee particularly was very well written. Aimee’s struggle with anorexia was very poignant. While reading, I understood it as I have never before.

The poetry in Looks is also fabulous. I read it over and over again. I can’t wait for more from Madeleine George- hopefully some poetry.

Highly recommended- I’ll put it on my bookshelf alongside Speak and Evolution, Me and Other Freaks of Nature. All are accurate portrayals of high school