I might be able to get a video/audio up of the book talk. Hopefully! I transcribed Part 2 and Part 3 will be up in a few days. I really enjoyed the last question. SO much work! You always wonder how books turn out so great, and it turns out she wrote 1000 pages of notes!

When did you get the idea of illusing?
I don’t really know. I needed her to have something since she’s ugly. Something that would at least somewhat mitigate her ugliness, so I gave her the singing. This sounds too logical. I don’t write as logically as I can see it afterwards. I wanted something that would tie her into the Queen. It was useful for the Queen not to have a good voice. I think that’s how I got there eventually.

Do you sing?
I took singing lessons. I always believed I couldn’t carry a tune, but for Fairest, I needed to know about singing. I took the lessons from an opera star and I discovered I can carry a tune. I need help; I need to have the notes given to me. I can hit them and I’m not tone deaf. It was very freeing for me. It was wonderful.

Which characters were the hardest for you to write and why?
Addie in The Two Princesses of Bamarre was hard to write because I am not shy. She’s very shy. I made her so shy that she was catatonic. My writing buddies had to pull me back from the edge. I had difficulties figuring her out, and I had troubles with the King until I came up with The Book of Homely Truths. Once I had that, he was so easy to write. Making up those homely truths was enormous fun. So those two were pretty hard.

Which characters do you relate to most?
Wilma is the most like me. The two characters I love the most are Sully from Dave at Night and Mandy.

What were some of your favorite books as a kid?
Peter Pan by Barrie was a huge favorite. The Anne books, in fact any book by L M Montgomery. Books by Louisa May Alcott, Heidi, Bambi. Any of the classics, really. Most of the books you’re reading weren’t written when I was little. I loved Mark Twain. Call of the Wild, I liked.

Did you enjoy poetry at all?
Now I do. I read a lot of poetry. As a kid, I rarely read poetry. We read Shakespeare. I loved that… Shakespeare out loud, particularly. I liked poetry. I didn’t seek out poetry, but I do now.

How long does it take you to write a book?

It depends on the book. Fairest, which was a very hard book for me to write, took four years. Ella took two and Writing Magic took about nine months. Ever took about a year and a half. So it depends on how hard the book is to write. The Princess Tales have each taken a few months except for The Fairy’s Mistake, which was an expansion of a picture book that nobody would publish. That took eight days.

Why was Fairest so hard to write?

Because I thought that I couldn’t tell it from Snow White’s point of view. She eats the poison apple, and basically, she’s in a coma. I started to tell from the Gnome’s point of view. I thought he would be in love with her. It would be tragic, because she’s a human and he’s a gnome. It didn’t work but I wrote three hundred pages. Then I told it from Ijori’s point of view. That didn’t work. Another three hundred pages. I told it from an omniscient third person narrator, that didn’t work at all. Still, I wrote four hundred pages. I figured out the problem and was able to write it through all that extra writing. I had tons of notes. I wrote maybe a thousand pages of notes. It was quite eventful.