Aya Fuse has a face rank of half a million- horrible in her view. She’s a kicker, someone who’s feed (I sort of think of it as a blog) is stories about their city. Her last story was about underground graffiti, but she knows that it won’t make her a big kicker. Her brother Hiro has a rank of under a thousand, and Aya has seen the benefits. He has a bigger room, more friends, and she thinks he is cooler.

This is what happened after Tally Youngblood’s mind rain, saving all the pretties from themselves. Now you only get food, clothes and surges by the merits that you have, and unless you want to be a teacher, a doctor, or some other type of professional, you need to get your face rank up.

Aya’s trying to get her feed up, so she is following one of her favorite kickers around, trying to find a good story. But she’s just an extra, and she can’t get into any of the areas that the kicker goes because she is surge-less. The reputation economy makes it almost impossible for Aya to be a famous kicker, but she is determined to be the one out of thousands.

She meets a group of girls that will surely get her feed views up, the Sly Girls. At first, she’s positive that she should post her discoveries. And then she meets Tally Youngblood.

Extras has more excitement and action than the first three, and I was clinging to the pages, wondering what would happen to Aya and the Sly Girls the entire book. I was much more creeped out by this book, mainly because of the inhumans.

I felt like Aya was both selfish and realistic. I related more to Tally, because her faults were mainly because of surges. Aya’s faults were real, though, which lead to a much better book. The ending was dissapointing and felt very “Westerfeld”.  I really enjoyed Extras and wish there were a sequel.