Reynie has just been adopted by his beloved Miss Perumal. They are traveling to Kate’s farm, where they plan to meet Constance and the Washingtons (Sticky). As soon as he gets to the farm, though, Reynie suspects that something is wrong with Kate. He finds her coughing and hacking in the barn- but she won’t tell Reynie why. Soon the Washingtons arrive, and they travel to Mr. Benedict’s house, where Constance lives. A messenger arrives at the farm, mere minutes after the group departs. He carries an urgent message from Rhonda Kazembe- DO NOT COME!

Mr. Benedict and Number Two have been kidnapped by Mr. Curtain and his Ten Men. The adults are terrified for Reynie’s, Sticky’s, Kate’s and Constance’s saftey. Mr. Benedict was preparing a surprise for them- a journey to Lisbon. Now, though, the four take the journey without the knowledge of the adults to rescue Mr. Benedict and Number Two.

Overall, I enjoyed The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey just as much as I enjoyed the first. I had a few more trifles with it, but they did not interfere with the pure quirkiness of the book.

For the first half of the book, I felt that Captain Noland and his companion Cannonball were like adults from A Series of Unfortunate Events– flat static and a bit self consumed. They didn’t have many flaws that made them not pay attention to the children, such as a drinking habit or being depressed. They just let the children do whatever they want and in the beginning, they were portrayed as “sensible”. What? I completely am baffled at why this wasn’t edited and changed. I enjoyed the other adults- they were round and mostly dynamic.

I also have a tiff with the cover. Elizabeth Bird, in her review, commented on the skin color of the children. Sticky’s “light brown” skin is once again the color of a pale Caucasian, while the rest of the kids are actually a shade above white. Beyond pale. I understand that people can be very white (I’m very pale- not prejudiced against pale people), but the degree on the cover is nearly impossible.

I loved the world clues. I think that readers will have quite a good time trying to figure them out. I managed to figure out a measly three, but did predict a major plot point. It was wonderful being able to do this.

I hope that there will be a third installment, or at least another children’s or young adult book by Trenton Lee Stewart. He really understands a good kids mystery.