I have read this book twice. The first time, I read it without writing. Then I reread it, writing the suggested prompts and looking at my old writing. Although I’m not a fantasy writer, this book still really helped me. Levine quoted from her favorite books, quite often making me want to go out and read them, which enhanced her advice. The best section in my mind was undoubtedly “Digging Deeper”. I felt like it helped me the most with my writing and had the best advice. I would recommend this book to all writers and fans of Gail Carson Levine’s work. You learn interesting tidbits about her writing process, which is always very cool for a reader.

I apologize for this very short review. I have so much to do this weekend- finals studying, mother’s day, personal writing, and editing for literary magazine. I completely forgot yesterday’s Poetry Friday as well. Soon, I promise there will be a long review.