This is one book I’m dying to read- unfortunately, there’s a catch. It doesn’t come out until Summer 2009. Still, read this description.

Readers of PERFECT, LUSH, and BOUNCE were left hanging. The last we knew, Isabelle had just stopped making herself throw up, Sam was on her way to pick up her alcoholic dad from rehab, and Evyn was beginning—albeit reluctantly—to come to terms with her new step-family. Three different thirteen-year-old girls; three completely separate stories. . . . Until now.

Fast forward to their sixteenth summer. The sleep-away camp Evyn has attended since she was eight is the unanticipated meeting place for these three counselors-in-training. The girls are older now, more experienced with boys and the adolescent social scene, but still grappling with their respective baggage. Enter Meredith Cooper, the last-minute C.I.T. hire, and the camp director’s niece. “Coop” is everything these girls aren’t: confident, uninhibited, wild, and utterly fearless. Over the course of the summer, Coop will touch and change each of these girls in a significant way, as well as bring the four of them together in what will become their ritual—clandestine late-night swims in Lake Lorraine.

Of course, I am a bit nervous since sequels always make me nervous (and that doesn’t include sequels to three books!). This and Purge by Sarah Darer Littman are currently my most wanted books published in 2009. I don’t know many yet, though.