Today is earth day!

Since I use so much paper with so many books (and my writing, too), I have decided to write a few publishers and ask them to use recycled paper. I’m not sure which do and don’t, but I need to do something!

I haven’t come across too many books for middle grade or young adult about the earth. So it is my goal in the next month to research that. At the end of May, I’ll come back with a list. I’m biking to school this month, too, though I usually do in good weather.

This is a unofficial challenge. How much can you do in a month to reduce your carbon footprint? What will you do to help the earth from today to the end of May? If you post about it for this unofficial challenge, post a link in the comments and I’ll put your link in the unofficial challenge (can’t use Mr. Linky…).

Now- Back to books!