I want to start off saying that I really dislike having a bad review of a book. I only give abysmal reviews to books that really deserve them. Usually, I will not review the book at all. But 13 is another case altogether.

Evan lived in New York- before his father ran off with a flight attendant and his parents inevitably got divorced. Now he has moved to the Midwest with his mother and lives with his mother’s old friend. Evan is only twelve, so he has to prepare for his thirteenth birthday party. Back in New York, this party was supposed to be really big. Now- Evan’s best friend is dating the girl he liked (or so he presumes) and he has approximately zero friends in his new town, Appleton, Indiana. Then he meets Patrice, fellow nerd and maybe friend. Then, Evan has a hard decision; stay friends with Patrice or be “cool.”

Okay, I saw where this book was going from the first page. I was hoping that Evan could be friends with Patrice and the cool kids. I can’t remember their names, but they really weren’t that mean. I felt that pulling of strings while I read- and the reader shouldn’t notice how the author strung the plot. It really bothered me. It wasn’t well written, and you knew how it would end. Frankly, I don’t know how I got through the book. It felt like a tomb, even though it was only about 150 pages.

Patrice was one redeeming factor. She had sense, and I still can’t figure out why she would hang out with a guy like Evan. I mean, he calls himself a nerd, but he really is not smart or into school. He doesn’t once mention liking school, let alone loving learning. His nickname “Brain” (totally not creative, and made me think of the character on PBS) is not deserved.

Apparently, 13 is a musical. Yes, a musical. 13 isn’t a based-on-a-movie book. It’s the start of a new “genre”- based-on-a-musical book. This book should have stayed a musical. I really think it might be a good musical. Please, though, no book.