Fern has always been different, but has never known what exactly made her different. She can communicate with her dog, and is “blinded” by the sun. Her skin sizzles in the sun, so she hates recess. Almost everyone at her school knows her.

Then, Fern disappears. Suddenly, just in the middle of class, she closes her eyes, and she lands on a white sandy beach, Pirate’s Cove, five miles away from home and school. There she meets a man that knows she’s different… he can help Fern.

Fern is an otherworldy, or what “normals” would call a vampire. She doesn’t suck blood, but she is prone to all the other myths about vampire. She struggles to overcome her new powers with her twin Sam, who isn’t an otherworldly. Fern is thrown into the world of Otherworldlies, and learns that she is the center of a huge battle.

I enjoyed this book, even though it had a bit of that vampire-ish quality from which I shy away. It was intriguing for the most part, but I did drift in some chapters. I wouldn’t recommend this to a non fantasy fan- I had a hard time and I generally enjoy fantasy. I did enjoy the book and will probably reread it in the future.

I apologize for not posting more frequently. I have been very stressed out recently for various reasons. It’s almost the weekend, and I am very behind on reviews!