My First Book ReviewToday is one year since Look Books began! It is amazing, frankly. I never thought that Look Books would really be anything- just a site with maybe ten, twenty, or even thirty views a day. Boy, was I wrong. I know that I didn’t start to really blog until October, but it all began on April 13th, 2007. I wrote my first review of The Goose Girl. At first, only my real life friends read the blog. Now… I don’t know a third of the people that read Look Books.

I think, that in my year of book blogging, the most important part has been learning about the kindness of the “kidlitosphere”. There’s not a person in this community that has been unkind. We’re all here for the same reason- we love books for kids or young adults. So many people have helped me along the way… I couldn’t possibly thank all of them in one post.

Also, my experience interviewing authors has astounded me. No one has ever declined, though some have never responded, and every single author I have written is sincere and kind. I never had spoken to or written to any of my heroes before this blog. I’ve always been a shy person, and that really doesn’t get you far. I’ve now spoken to my ultimate author hero, Shannon Hale, and interviewed twelve authors to boot. I think if you would have told me this a year ago, I would have stood and laughed for twenty minutes.

So… in honor of this blogoversary, go out and read a book with a delicious smoothie. They’re my favorite food, and pretty healthy too. I’m “celebrating” with a strawberry smoothie; a cup of strawberries, one Yoplait yogurt, three ice cubes, and a fourth of a cup of milk.I’m reading a wonderful book, The Penderwicks of Gardam Street.