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Well, let’s start on this meme. Just to let everyone know, I’ll be gone for a week. I’m going on vacation. Fun, fun!

1. Sara Groves is my favorite singer, and Elizabeth and the Catapults are my current favorite band. I don’t have a large collection of music, but what I have I love.

2. I take French in school. I love it so much. It’s one of my favorite subjects. I think I would be pretty happy if I wrote this entire blog in French. I’m getting pretty good, I think. Next year I’ll be in French 4.

3. I love school! Almost every subject. I really enjoy learning.

4. Cheeze-its are my favorite snack food.

5. I am obsessed with reading about John Adams. In eighth grade, we read about him, and it sealed my passion. Then I found the book by David McCullough… Wow. I do admire Abigail just as much.

6. Even though I got my braces off, I now have this lisp inducing retainer. I’ll get used to it soon…

So… yeah. I hope everyone has a great spring! (Today is the first day of spring)