The moment I saw this on First Look, I knew that I really wanted it. I’m so happy I had a chance to read it as an ARC, because I wasn’t let down. This is just the type of book that is undeniably real, but still keeps you hooked until the last page.

Addy McMahon has a curse passed to her from her great-grandfather, and of this she has no doubt. Her Dad died of Cancer (it was with a capital c) one year, eight months and three and a half weeks ago, and Addy thinks that it is her fault. She didn’t do that much to stop her Dad from smoking. Addy interviewed him before he died for her newspaper The Seely Times and for herself. She wants to enter the final draft of the interview to her “favorite magazine in the entire planet” the Chroniclateer. It’s just not good enough yet. Addy is an interviewer , and she’s pretty famous for it. Most people in her town know her, but they don’t know about her autobiograstrip, her autobiography in comics. Her mother’s friend Jonathan the journalist moves into their guest room and constantly pesters Addy with advice. Life can’t possibly get worse can it? Addy is only more convinced that she has a curse on her after Jonathan moves in and her father dies. Jackie, her best friend forever, and the autobiograstrip are the best parts of her life. And then she accidentally loses Jackie’s friendship. Addy is determined to never write again.

The Curse of Addy McMahon by Katie Davis is an altogether enjoyable book. I think many middle-schoolers would enjoy it because it describes the rigors of pre-teen social life fabulously. I tried to keep count of how many times I laughed out loud, but with the book pulling me in to the carefully weaved plot and so many reasons to laugh, I just lost count. I didn’t expect this to be a humorous book since there was a big focus on the unfortunate death of Addy’s father.

I had a very hard time disliking Jonathan. He’s such a cool guy! I understood why Addy didn’t like him, but because I am an interviewer and aspiring writer, I pined for the advice that Addy turned down. I wanted to yell at her whenever she talked about Jonathan negatively. I had to remind myself many times that if I were in Addy’s situation, I probably wouldn’t like him either.

I’m looking forward to Katie Davis’s future novels. She has a knack for understanding kids. Her website is really interesting. Check it out! She has a cool book trailer of The Curse of Addy McMahon.

Comes out April 22, 2008