Yep! I no longer have braces on my teeth. I am extremely happy. No more sore mouths and ripped up gums! Yippee. And Caramel… oh caramel. I have always loved and always will love caramel. I even considered naming my guinea pig Caramel… except her coat is mainly white. I know this has chocolate, but doesn’t the caramel in it look delicious and delectable and absolutely mouth watering?

I can now eat this stuff! After two painful years. And popcorn and gummies and apples and carrots whole and… the list goes on forever. Let’s just say I didn’t always follow the rules about my braces… (I did break an unmentionable amount of brackets… but they all weren’t my fault) Let’s continue. I was going to say before I interrupted myself that I ought to go and celebrate with eating some caramel and reading a nice fat ARC. I think I shall.

( Sorry for not posting- It’s testing week at my school and the world’s turned upside down there. It’s all confusing. I’ll be posting more now that spring break is approaching)