I got this book in the beginning of February, and I feel awful for not reviewing it sooner.

Audrey Cutler lives with parents and her cat, just a “normal” girl. Normal? Think again. Her ex-boyfriend Evan wrote a song titled Audrey, Wait! which everyone, and I mean everyone knows. Even her parents know the song. The song rockets to the top of the billboards week after week after week… Audrey didn’t think it would go this far, ever. She’s as famous as Evan now, with people hording every known picture. They don’t understand that she had reasons to break up with Evan. So… what if Audrey wants to go back to the life she had before? Sans Audrey, Wait! What if she does like the cute James from the Scooper Dooper? Her nasty (at least I think so) friend Victoria just wants the prizes of fame; talk shows, free clothing, etc. She’s jealous of Audrey’s fans, even though she’s seen Audrey being mobbed by them.

I… well… this is a hard review for me. I didn’t enjoy the cussing at all. I felt that it was absolutely unnecessary to the plot and made the book go from being very good to just so-so. I skimmed a lot of it because of the swearing. Other than that, it was generally clean.

The plot was unusual, and most of the characters were three dimensional. As much as I disliked Evan, I thought he was well written. Victoria, though, did not amuse me at all. I liked Audrey’s voice, sans gratuitous swearing.

Overall, I would only recommend it to girls (yes, just girls) who don’t mind swearing. Good story, just… be wary. I’m sure that plenty of people will like it.