Seeing that I don’t know if I’ll have time to review anything before friday, I’m going to update everyone on the current news.

Well… this is a sad week. Anidori-Isilee left, which certainly left all the Little Redders out there pretty down. We’ll miss you, Anidori!

Also, two of my favorite ever authors, the hilarious Lisa Yee and the talented Sarah Darer Littman (whose book Purge I am dying to read. Hear me? DYING! I can’t wait…) met in New York. Read Lisa’s account here and Sarah’s account here. Lisa recently put pictures up of eating dinner with Elizabeth Bird (fuse #8) and Cheryl Klein. Double cool.

Here’s Lisa, Sarah, and Sarah’s daughter.

I can only review one book this week. When I finish my homework, I’ll review Out of the Wild, The White Darkness, or The Fold. Which do you prefer? I can’t put a poll on wordpress, so just leave what you want in the comments.

Oh, yeah! Guess what? Cheryl Klein mentioned Miss Erin and me! Squee times a thousand! I think I had a heart attack when I saw chevalaque (Brooklyn Arden) under incoming links. I know it’s only a review linked, but still… It really surprised me and made my day.