Mibs Beaumont is going to turn thirteen. She’s waited since her brother Rocket turned thirteen and got his savvy, electricity. Then Fish, her middle brother, received the savvy of thunderstorms. Her mother has a wonderful savvy doing every task perfectly. Every member of Mibs (Mississippi) Beaumont’s family has a savvy. Her grandfather can make land out of nowhere (whenever I read this, I though of the uses with a huge world population). Mibs wonders what her savvy will be, but disaster strikes before Mibs can find out. Her father, who doesn’t have a savvy, is in a horrible car accident. Her mother, with Rocket because he makes the car work with electricity, goes to Salina where her father is in the hospital. Mibs knows that she can’t stay at her house after her mother says on the phone that she doesn’t know if Mibs’ father will be alright.

Mibs, Fish, Will Junior, and his older sister take a fabulous bus ride after escaping from church. They’re going to save Mibs’ father, and hopefully find Mibs’ savvy.

I really enjoyed this book, but more the dysfunctional family part than the savvy part. I wanted to know Mibs’ savvy, but wasn’t too curious about savvys other than that. Mibs has a fabulous voice, quite quiet but spunky all the same. I would have liked her a little more focused on her father and less on her savvy.

For some reason, I have this weird aversion to the word savvy. It makes me cringe, so reading this book challenged me in an odd way. The reading wasn’t hard, it’s definitely middle grade (a few YAs like me will read it). I got used to savvy about half way through, but still wished that the title hadn’t been Savvy.

I love the sky on the cover. It evokes tons of memories for me, and I think really represents the book well. Brandon Dorman painted clouds unlike any I’ve seen. On the back cover, there’s this tiny bit of sky poking out that really entrances me. The contrast between a realistic style and a more abstract is really intriguing. I think it would make me want to read Savvy if I didn’t know anything about it.

For the most part, I enjoyed Savvy. I did get a little bored at some parts, especially in the beginning. It starts out well, but once the reader gets to the part about the church, the excitement of such a fantastic idea dies down. Savvy returns to the first pace about halfway through, which is when I started to enjoy it.

This is Ingrid Law’s first book. There’s some info regarding Walden Media in the message on the front page- I assume it is going to be made into a movie. I’m a bit wary about that, because I’m afraid Mibs’ voice will be completely drowned out. I loved a sentence on the first page, and can’t imagine it in a movie.

I had liked it with a mighty kind of liking, so moving had been hard – hard like the pavement the first time I fell off my pink two-wheeler and my palms burned like fire from all of the hurt just under the skin

I can really relate to her voice, so real in a fantasy book. I would recommend Savvy to younger middle grade readers. I am looking forward to reading Ingrid Law’s next book, I hope it is realistic fiction. She has some talent with family relations in her writing.

Comes out May 2008.