Syrah Cheng has everything- the Ethan Cheng life, money, and almost anything she wants. After all, her father is Ethan Cheng, self made billionaire, who is “new money”. But… what Syrah wants can’t be bought.She wants her old knee, before the accident. She wants real friends, who don’t diet on air, and she wants her half sister Grace and half brother (why am I forgetting his name? I had to return the book to the library) to like her. She wouldn’t mind being skinny, either, but most of all she wants to snowboard again.More…

It was very refreshing to read a book about a rich girl who isn’t snobby and focused on fashion. I’ve read those book, and they’re not at all different. I expected some rich teenage rebel story, but that’s not what I got. Syrah is really a nice character, and doesn’t feel the need to conform. She also doesn’t need to go all out, abandoning her parents, family, and values. I really admire Headley for keeping it real.

Still, it wasn’t one of my favorite books. The beginning was great- grabbed me right into the book. The middle, like so many books, slowed down, and I lost what I loved about Syrah so much. She didn’t seem to have the same spirit, and she just floated by what her parent’s told her. The end of the middle got much better, Syrah came back.

My favorite part of the book was definitely the end. I don’t want to spoil it, but I do want people to keep reading. I lost hope in the middle, but the ending is perfect. It surprised me, and I love the (highlight to read) twist with Grace. I never expected her brother- Warren?- to change, but I loved Grace. I also loved what Syrah learned from Grace, that skinny isn’t strong.

I would recommend this to my friends because it lays in the tough place between chick-lit and realistic, just like Enthusiasm. I like chick-lit, but not intense chick-lit, like Gossip Girls or The Clique series. I enjoy Girl Overboard because it’s definitely not heavy reading, but it does have a message.

I’m back finally… this week has been hard. I had three tests and four quizzes. Then my teacher passed away, which really, really shook me. I know it’s been hard on all of her students, because to us at the high school, it was very sudden. I’m trying to review more now… I have read a lot in my “time” away. I really missed not posting, but it was hard for me to study as hard with my teacher on my mind. I had to spend less time online and more with school.