As some of you know, I had an amazing experience last Wednesday. There’s no way anyone could have prepared me for it, and I so happy that it happened.

Well, Wednesday began, and I admit I might have been sulking a tiny bit. Actually, a lot. I had just read Shannon’s account of her tour, and Miss Erin’s. Half of me felt insanely guilty for feeling sad, because I have such a wonderful life, and the other half was mad almost. I had requested at my two bookstores that Shannon come on her next tour, and my Dad’s friend in the book business did something for me too. That still doesn’t give me the right to sulk for the first block of the day. By English (2nd block) I was feeling much much happier just because we had a thrilling discussion on I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. The entire day went very slowly, and no matter what I did, I had this inching sadness in me reminding me that Shannon and Libba Bray were in Ohio.

Of course that day it was about ten degrees outside, and I thought I had to walk home in my new red flats. I ended up not walking home, but trying really hard not to be upset while my Mom drove me home. After all, I had two paragraphs for English, a bulging biology packet, a communications speech and test, and a math page on sine, cosine, and tangent due the next day. I could, in no way, afford the time to be upset.

I’m pretty sure by now you have realized that I did get very upset. I’m a passionate person for the most part, and if I’m a bit upset, I act like a hurricane. Once the storm’s gone, I’m fine. After that, I realized that the weather would not change just for me. We were having freezing, icky rain (now it has hardened so that I have little frozen ponds in my backyard) and it just wasn’t safe to drive.

Well, this is the exciting part. I was eating Panera (YUMMY!) for dinner, and my Mom and I had an idea. So I called Joseph-Beth and spoke to this really nice Children’s/YA bookseller who would get a book signed (this isn’t the exciting part!) and…



Yep. One of the best things that happened this year. I asked Shannon if she could call me just to say hi really really quickly since I couldn’t go to the signing. I didn’t know whether she would call…

I still had to make the decision of what book to get signed. Believe me, it’s really hard. I have all of Shannon’s books already, and I have The Goose Girl signed. That’s my favorite book of hers, but I don’t need another copy. So I picked Princess Academy since I only have it in paperback.

My homework that night definitely was not top notch. I was anxious, even though I knew that the signing wouldn’t begin until 7 pm, and if she called, she would call even later. Plus, it was presumptuous of me even to write her a note. I watched American Idol with my Mom for twenty minutes since I needed some distraction from my homework, and then I went to bed.

So then, my Mom was bringing me an icepack because I had a headache, when the phone rang. Now, the phone had already rung about five times the normal amount that night, but somehow, I knew it would be worth getting out of my warm cozy bed.

I tripped while in the hallway, and fell on my bad knee (boy do I sound old!) that I hurt ice skating. According to my Mom who picked up the phone, Shannon said, “Hi, this is Shannon Hale. I hope that I’m not calling too late.” which is completely crazy because none of my favorite authors could ever call too late.

My Mom hands the phone to me. I’m completely awestruck and exhausted, so when I grab the phone I’m shaking.

“Sh-sh-a-a-n-non?” Let’s just say I was very nervous. I stuttered, but she was extremely nice. I half thought that it was a hoax, but I knew her voice too well from the end of The Goose Girl audiobook.

She told me that it was great to talk to me. I thanked her about twenty times, and then she told me that she was getting Libba. At that point, I was still crazy because I was talking to Shannon Hale, my hero since fifth grade, and I did not think that I could handle Shannon and Libba.

Libba said my real name correctly, which made me insanely happy. I can still hear her saying it. I think Shannon said my name right as well… but I don’t really recall. All I remember is Libba saying, “Hi *insert name here* it’s so nice to meet you”.

Libba said hi to me, and I thought that would be the extent of it. Oh, no. They performed “Total Eclipse of the Heart” for me, and they put my name in it somewhere. It was crazy! They’re both really good singers. I was giggling so much!

They sort of realized then that they had woken me up. Shannon apologized, but I told her that this was way better than sleeping, plus I go to bed early.

She asked me where I lived… that kinda stuff, etc. I told her I couldn’t come because of finals, and I was too busy studying to figure out a trip. Shannon saying that she was sure I did fine made me the happiest that far. Oh, and this is really funny. Shannon said no one came to the signing any way, and talking to me was the most exciting part. Libba interrupted and said George Clooney was mildly exciting. Shannon, laughing, told me that George Clooney proposing to Libba wasn’t even exciting.
I told Shannon something that I’ve been wanting to tell her since fifth grade, and I was really scared. I was the kid who loved to read and hated to write until I read her book. She told me that it meant a lot to her, and asked me if I’ve been writing crazily since then.

We talked some more (I was still barely speaking unless she asked me a question, which she did many many times) about writing, school, and Ohio.

Before saying goodbye, Libba or Shannon (can’t remember, sorry) said that she still felt bad for waking me up (LOL, what a joke), so they tried to think of a lullaby to sing to me. Neither Shannon or Libba could think of one (I was trying to suppress more giggles at this point). They did end up thinking of one, Brahms’ lullaby. They put my name in the song, which made me really happy too. I don’t know the lyrics to the song, but my grandma used to sing it to me.Shannon Hale Drawing 1 Final Draft

I still can’t believe that I talked to Shannon and Libba Bray. It’s absolutely crazy at this point, and I think getting the signed book will make it all real. The only problem with not actually going to the signing is not getting to give Shannon my drawing.

The most bizarre thing was the quote of the day that some website sent my Mom. I swear, this is the truth.

“Many things are lost for the want of asking” -English Proverb 😀