I just realized that I forgot to tag people for the Book Meme so being lazy, I decided a whole new post would do as I already wanted to write about Snowy glee.

Anilee tagged me, and I tag The Book Muncher, Enna Isilee, and Spider.

I love snow. It makes me crazily happy. Just today, I opened my windows while I wrote, I managed to punch out almost 3000 words in 2 hours. Just a note, I’m probably the slowest writer that you know. I start to write, and then I look at what I wrote before, which makes me think of what I should do next, etc., until I haven’t written for fifteen minutes. But with snow… ah. I have no idea why snow inspires me so, but it does. My school work went five times faster as well. Just the whiteness of it, the frigidness, the wonderland, everything entrances me and always has. Except, the snow is supposed to melt, which makes me insanely sad… so snow has its bad points as well.

Other random things… I liked Broadway a lot for a time (time as in about six months) and still listen to it. There are some musicals of books that aren’t well known but are simply fabulous.

Jane Eyre has beautiful music, with few songs that I dislike. I simply be in heaven if I saw it live, but unfortunately it was a short stint in 2000. The first time I heard “Brave Enough for Love” I cried, as well as when I heard “The Graveyard”, which is a brilliant transition between young Jane and the governess Jane. “Forgiveness” is brilliant at the end. Yesterday I was ice skating and I imagined myself skating to “Sweet Liberty” for some odd reason. I felt so majestic skating to that in my head… Now that I’m reminiscing, I want terribly to read Jane Eyre.

Little Women also is great, with Sutton Foster (I think…) as Jo. My favorite songs are “Astonishing”, “Better”, “Days of Plenty”, “The Fire Within Me”, and “Small Umbrella in the Rain”. I think the songs represent the book especially “Some Things Are Meant to Be”. Wow. If you have heard that song AND read the book, I don’t know how one could not cry. Listen to the lyrics carefully, and you’ll see Jo not wanting to talk about death, and finally… *sighs*

Anyways… Those are my favorite Book-Musicals that I can recall at the moment.

EDIT: I was searching around for Jane Eyre, and I found a very cool article. Sounds like he really likes Charlotte Bronte’s writing.