Wow. What a fabulous book. Ophelia is the story of Hamlet, but told in first-person by Ophelia. I have not read the play (though now I will) so I do not know if the book is accurate to the play.

Ophelia, a rough tomboy living in Elsinore, is accepted into Queen Gertrude’s court. Her father Polonius wants Ophelia to spy on the queen, but Ophelia also feels loyal to the queen. Polonius sees Ophelia’s rising as a way for himself and her brother Laertes to rise also from their humble beginnings. Ophelia soon finds herself caught in the secrets of royalty, and does not know who to trust.

I do think that sometimes Ophelia’s feelings are unreasonable, especially towards the end. I do not want to give away too much, but this is simply a fabulous book. I highly recommend it to people who want a different version of Hamlet, because the author says Ophelia is very different in that (I have a copy with an interview in the back).

I look forward to reading Hamlet. After the huge pile of books to be read.

I started a new semester of classes this week and got my final grades back. I’m pretty happy about both. English is a blast, and I can’t believe I went an entire five months without it. I’m not as fond of communications, even though I really like my teacher, because I don’t like to speak in front of people. Biology seems a lot easier than Earth and Environmental Science- I’m ecstatic about that. Math is as always, easy for the most part. So… this week I was trying to get the hang of things down, and that’s why I didn’t post during the week.

I have two books to review, and author interviews are coming back from hiatus.